Two Souls

Never to depart without each other,

They wish to care forever,

Their emotions fly together,

Body – A vessel holding them with each other.

Diving into the ocean of their past,

which is never gonna last,

Without each other their bodies crawl through the night,

That’s a fight before they step through the day light,

In a single life,

She cares, while he dares,

To survive together without losing hope,

For them love is the only slope,

Dear darling for me, you are the only rope.

Happy Women’s Day @MumbaiKiChokri . Lots of love :*

Child of war


The child of war loses his mind; as bubbles of fire from yonder rain,

His youthful eyes no longer shine; he looks at all with much disdain,

The war shall leave in its remains, a man afloat, a childhood drowned,

A family was smashed and maimed in a sea made of clamorous sounds,

Out of order alphabets, scribbled across his only book,

The walls, although, his best work yet; displaying all lives he took,

His gun, he wears it on his shoulder; his morals somewhere in the trash,

Emotions die as he grows older; his torrid heart now only ash,

Upon the prisoners he has freed his narcissism and his pride,

Evils of heredity and creed, are his only foes and by his side,

Anaesthetised, dead and numb; his torment is not to be told,

His mocking honour’s made him dumb, the scorching desert’s made him cold,

Anarchic birth is celebrated, objectives of…

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Jai Ho: A detailed pictorial summary of an incredibly shitty movie

Some Real Shit. People Do speak about it, never seen someone write about it this way. Must Read 😀


Since I like helping people, I have pledged to invest time and money into watching terrible movies so I can warn others not to.

I went to watch Jai Ho last night.

Jai Ho is an excellent compilation of action sequences. Film critics claim that there is a plot somewhere in there too which I failed to see because I’m new to this. They say it’s the remake of a Telugu movie called Stalin, but at max it is a compilation of fight scenes and every early 90’s movie cliché ever.

If Dhoom 3 gave you a headache, Jai Ho is capable of giving you a highly malignant brain tumour because the former was one long lame story, but Jai Ho is a clusterfuck of too many little stories stuffed into a sorry excuse for a movie.

It all starts in a nightclub where bad music is playing, butts are swinging…

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Hope she doesn’t hate me !

Words which you never meant to say, hit hard. How can I use it for her? How can I let her cry? How can I let her forgive me? I didn’t expect this from me. Few words broke her apart. Sometimes you think that everyone is like you, you are wrong. You love people and do that mistake of hurting them unknowingly. I never shouted at her, its just came out when I went all sentimental. Hurts me too! Wanted to do every bit for her, screwed up a bit.

Never want to loose her. Its my love, her love which prospered with time and will prosper again and again. Would never say which I don’t mean to her. Can’t undo my words, will do more for her so that this thing gets over. Seeing her like this hurts me more. Have promised myself to take her to places which she loves, buy her things which she craves, surprise her when least expected, call her when she needs me, be there for her always and give her always more than what she deserves. I can never love someone else because that’s unfair to me. These four words were meant for one and I will have them served. I respect her to the core even when she hates me. I become childish in front of her. No one knows it, love does. I call her name even in my dreams, finally i have started having dreams. I just don’t wanna mess up again. It was not me, it was someone who never loved anyone before.

Hope she doesn’t hate me.

All she leaves behind

As she walked past, I surrendered my heart once again. Looked back at her over and over again. That feeling when someone leaves you for a while and you know that same person is gonna see you again. Its a threat to ignore such feelings, you can’t live without them. A burning sensation from deep inside keeps on calling her name, her soul to unite with us once again. Its a rush to count the time while she is away.
Oh Yes! I m gonna recall her again and again, this heart ain’t quite. Its not a game, its her love again and once again.

She prevails

As she tells me, “after a time every relationship gets boring”. I took a deep breathe, accepting the fact and at the same time making myself clear that I m not one of them.
I call them woman for a reason. Trust them, love them, keep them happy even if they don’t fall for this charm. Women are meant to be loved, not broken. She has a heart, which deserves a good deal. Value them, cheer for them, give them surprises and always make sure to keep them happy just the way they are meant to be. I call it a day when I make someone smile for good. I don’t get too close to any other woman. Few friends tried to change me, they failed.
Thank you mother, sorry dear father for being not close to you. Love you sister for making me one of those few good men.
True to be a man living a wonderful life with brilliant choices. No regrets, none taken.

Loving someone

A sudden feeling of happiness from inside you, wakes you up. It makes you feel reborn.
I never took my chances of proposing someone (Trust me • Not even for a date). That sucks right!
Dear dad y did u invest in me!

I was loved once, twice and no more. Broke down • Decided not to fall for this mysterious thing. Faith was lost • I ran miles just to burn that lost memory down.
I did lose someone, it was nobodies fault. Fate has its own cheeky ways 🙂

Connecting with you was ecstasy to me. Our choices met, better than a dream. Developed a better sense of life. Took my time to discover new someone. In worse case even if we never meet, each moment i have spend with you; will make it count. Don’t know how hard is it to wait for a love.

Don’t blame the Mumbai traffic – You are the Traffic!

In a hurry we all got used to it. Day starts with the mighty Western express highway. Early morning south bound commuters bare the crawl from Borivali. Some having breakfast while driving, some still smoking the last buds of their first morning cigarette and no one goes the hollywood way of carrying a latte – No offense to american fans, seriously we are not used to it. Maybe you are just a side affect of the english drama.
Anyways coming back to the Western express highway – Some traffic due to BMC repair & some due to stalled vehicles. Earlier I used to be happy when I cut through Andheri flyover, not anymore. The construction work before the Airport flyover is a mess. Kalanagar signal is the mother of all vehicles, because we all – on a day to day basis meet like neighbors, share an awful smile.
I m sure you don’t wanna hear the worst part of traffic towards home, during evening.

A story I could have posted long time ago.

Since past 10 months I don’t blame Mumbai traffic – Traffline didn’t let me.

This is how I survive Mumbai Traffic now :Image